Arrived to Netherlands

I have arrived to Hoek Van Holland, Netherlands early in the morning after spending a night on the ship. Got up early at 5am in the morning and went down to the deck for breakfast. And it was the usual American breakfast, very simple but great. As the ship sail through the calm waters of…


Leaving for Netherlands

Today is a big day. Before I leave for my train to Hawich International, Kris and I have lunch at Wurst Bar, which is near the Chinatown in London. I set off at 3pm and cycle to London Liverpool Station and take a train to Harwich International then transit to take a ferry across the…


Met up with Old Friends

After two years, we finally get to catch up again. I met Nicola & Stuart during my backpacking trip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. They came all the way down from Birmingham to London, very nice of them =) We walked along the south bank and visited the Borough Market. Chill out at some bars.


Exploring London

Visit the Natural History Museum and Art Science Museum today because it is free admission. I’m not a guy into history but I thought it will be nice to explore and see the architecture of the building.


Cycle into the City

It is time to leave the cozy hostel and cycle to the city center of London to meet my friend. This was my first time in London and I will be cycling, I am extremely nervous. The night before, I wondered how are the roads or cycling culture in London is like. But the first…

Arrived in London

I have arrived safely in London Heathrow Airport! It was a long flight from Singapore to Mumbai then to London. I didn’t sleep well on the plane and I have been thinking a lot about this trip because i’m not sure of what’s going to happen ahead as I have never set foot in Europe before.…

Ready to Fly

I’m finally flying off today.  Let me share with you what happened during the week before flying, it was pure hell. Everything seemed to be very fast paced and things didn’t went according to plan.  Issues such as air freight my bike over to London will cost me a huge hole in my pocket, a…