Packing My Bike

A few days ago, I spent couple of hours at Fat Cat Cycle. This was the place where I got my bike professionally packed.

From the photos, you can see they have to remove the two wheels, pedals, saddle, seat post and rear rack. Also to loosen the handle bar so that the entire bike frame able to fit nicely into the carton box. For seasoned bicycle tourers, this is not something new to you all.

After removing items, the wheels set have to be put into another carton box due to limited space. It was caused by my front rack, because I didn’t want to remove it, which requires a lot of time to dismantle and set it up. For the rest of the items, It will be wrapped with cushion and put together with the bike frame.

To ensure my bike arrived in London without damage, the entire frame was wrapped with cushion although the cushion only served as a minimal protection. Better than nothing. The large chain ring was wrapped with the chain on it to prevent the teeth from damage.

Finally, the bike was ready to be put into the carton box! There’s still a lot of space in the box, it’s huge, so I’m going to pack my other equipments inside the box but I need to be aware of the weight because the airline only allow 30kg including sports equipment. Anyway, luckily my car able to fit the two carton boxes at the passenger seats =D

If you’re thinking to travel with bike in future and looking for someone to pack your bike, I strongly recommend Fat Cat Cycle. They did a excellent job =)

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