Ready to Fly

I’m finally flying off today.  Let me share with you what happened during the week before flying, it was pure hell. Everything seemed to be very fast paced and things didn’t went according to plan.  Issues such as air freight my bike over to London will cost me a huge hole in my pocket, a minimal sum of 1.4k SGD before tax. And my GPS device unable to read my 4GB memory card.  Wow awesome right. Now I have  to rely on the limited internal memory storage and install new maps and remove the old ones along the way. Things didn’t got better as the day went closer to departure date. I had a baggage crisis, with an allowance of only 30kg checked-in baggage, inclusive of my bike which already took up half of the weight. Total nightmare!

I have already remove a lot of items such as my trusting DSLR for starlapse, capture-kx-in action GoPro, tripod for awesome videos I have in mind and a stack of hand warmers that I think I need to survive the night while crossing the desert. Also stuff like sunblock and contact lens solution. Sigh so sad…

Anyway, it was still too heavy, overweight by 10kg and my hand baggage was 17kg haha. That’s asking for trouble. (Last warning sia)

So I’m extremely stress up and worried sick about how to transport all these stuff without incurring extra charges. I tried calling them but non of the staff could help me.

So I decided to f it and just yolo. There’s not much time left. And I should be enjoying my last few days in Singapore but I didn’t.

On the day of departure, I went three hours ahead of the flight schedule with a sad face and heavy heart, I approached the flight management service counter. And I told them I wanna check in these two gigantic baggage and how much will it cost. I was prepared to receive my punishment for bringing so many stuff. If there’s a contest on who’s got the largest baggage at the airport, obviously I’m the winner. I also told them I’m going to cycle alone and will be eternal grateful if you all can help me. Haha.

I believed they were shocked by this little man in front of them.   Then there’s this nice lady who is not very friendly at first at the counter helped me waived off the charges. Omg Thank you so much :3 but I need to pay $250 for my two odds I’ve baggage that’s all. If I’m not wrong, it’s 80 USD per kg and my stuff overweight by a total of 20kg. Inclusive of checked in and hand carry baggage. Only amazing things happened during travel #truestory

On right now, one of the biggest obstacles was eliminated, the next thing is to see if the baggage survived the ordeal during the transit from Mumbai to London.

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