Cycle into the City

It is time to leave the cozy hostel and cycle to the city center of London to meet my friend. This was my first time in London and I will be cycling, I am extremely nervous. The night before, I wondered how are the roads or cycling culture in London is like. But the first time is always the most difficult, however, once you overcome the fear and obstacles, the rest will be easy.

It took me a few hours to setup the bike. I have to make sure all my stuff was there and fit for riding. Then I’m on my way to my designation. This was the first time in my life to cycle on a proper designated bicycle lane. If only Singapore can build an infrastructure like this, more people can switch to bicycle instead of buying cars. Anyway, not all bicycle lanes have good paved roads, some were really bad.

I have estimated about two hours to arrive to my designation however, it took me four hours instead because I got lost and have to make a big detour, maybe it was a good thing because i cycled past a lot of museums and monuments. It was beautiful ride in the city. The traffic was heavy but it doesn’t affect me because I have been riding for 10 years in the heavy traffic of Singapore, got used it.

After I met up with my host, I dismantle my front wheel in order to properly store the bicycle under the table because the area is very small. Then I went to the supermarket to get some fruits and kebab.


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