Arrived to Netherlands

I have arrived to Hoek Van Holland, Netherlands early in the morning after spending a night on the ship. Got up early at 5am in the morning and went down to the deck for breakfast. And it was the usual American breakfast, very simple but great. As the ship sail through the calm waters of Netherlands, from far, I can see an array of wind turbine. After breakfast, everything seemed to go at a fast pace. The captain made an announcement and everybody scramble to the bottom deck where all the vehicles were parked. My bicycle was parked there as well, there was a designated parking space for bicycle. Since it was a huge ship, I couldn’t find where exactly my bicycle at first. When I finally found my bicycle, all the vehicles started to move out.

I’m very nervous and scare to cycle all the way from the port to Amsterdam, I decided to take the train to Amsterdam. I also need to meet a Singaporean friend there. After taking the train to Amsterdam, I cycled to Herengract to find my friend. It was already 12 noon. I carried all my stuff to her office first then went to a nearby burger bar for lunch.

Also, it was such a coincidence that it was a world cup season, we cycled down to a bar and watch the Holland vs Chile match. Also met up with other two Singaporean friend at Foodism.

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