The Adventure Begins

To Culemborg, Asch, Netherlands

It was a big day today. I had a very good sleep last night and early in the morning, my host prepared bread and omelette for me =) aww..  and I’m gonna miss Amsterdam so much! Finally it is time to set off. For the first 20 kilometers , I tried to get the GPS to work but there was a problem but I could not figure it out. Instead, I tried to ask people for direction to Utrecht and then Culemborg. On my journey, I have encountered two road closure which forced me to make a detour. Also very strong head wind. To make matter worst, I got lost and make a lot of wrong turns along the way. Not a good start. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. I did an estimated 70 kilometers today and I’m pretty much expanded all my energy. I hope I can recover fast enough and become stronger as the days go by.

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