About Me

Who am I? 

My name is Kai Xiang and cycling has been a part of me since young. Anyone who knows me well will tell you this.

What is this whole trip about? Are you going to do this alone?!

It’s about Kai Xiang riding his bicycle and yes, he’s doing it alone.

Why do you wanna do this?

You’re alive only once, as far as we know,

and what could be worse than getting to the end of your life

and realizing you hadn’t lived it?”— Edward Albee

Because you only live once and what could be worst at your death bed only realized you hadn’t lived the life you always wanted. If I don’t do this now, there will never be a chance to do it in the future. I’m serious.

Since I’m not in a relationship and while I still have the fitness, so why not? It’s something that I won’t be able to do often in future due to practical reasons. It seems that all the signs is telling me to go for it. I’m pretty sure it will be an awesome experience.

I know what you’re thinking, WTH, it’s dangerous or how the hell are you going to cycle for six months straight or why ain’t you going to study first. You know what?  I have no idea where I drew that courage, strength and determination from, but I’m so damn right sure that my life will make a new turn.

How did you get this idea?

If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk – Paulo Coelho

Ever since I have enlisted into National Service, I was feeling lost, didn’t know what to do in life, my life seemed to have come to a halt. The first few months in NS didn’t make things better either. Every morning, I have to remind myself that this will be over soon, it was tough times because I couldn’t comprehend why certain things operate in such a bad manner.

I think going into my third or forth week in army, my Japanese friend, Youhei came to Singapore with his bike, he cycled all the way from Japan to Singapore and then continued his journey to Turkey. Wow. Youhei taught me that things always seem impossible until it is done. Youhei was only 19 at that time.

After meeting up with him, everyday there’s this thought about doing something similar on my mind, maybe something more ambitious and it almost become an obsession, I just keep thinking about it everyday. And it kept me going through my NS life.

How am I going to finance and do this? 

Some savings, NS allowance, selling away my unwanted stuff and borrow money from parents. Estimated cost 15k

Why cycle?

Because traveling on a train or bus is too fast while walking is too slow. Actually, cycling has been a part of me since young. If you don’t see at home, you would probably see me cycling on the road. Maybe because I was born with a pair of gigantic thighs, it’s so huge that my dream of wearing skinny jeans will never come true. However, it brought me to a lot of places =)

What’s my objective

At the end of this trip, I hope I able to grow and mould to become a better person, understand things from a global perspective, get to meet more strangers or people who share the same dream and lastly to be able to make better decision in life.

I know there’s many ways and platforms to change for the better but nothing beats the thrill of getting lost, the adrenaline of cycling from one country to another, the awkward situation when I start to speak with some weird accent, the awesome moment when strangers and I speak no common language, however, by using hand signs to communicate, we somehow understands each other, the heroes on the streets when people come over and assist you, the great friendship that forged along the way, the breathe-taking landscape on the road, the opportunity to live with and interact in daily life with individuals from all cultures, religions and race, 

So regardless the outcome, whether I can make it or not. This trip will stay with me for life. In future, I may able to share great stories of my trip, just like how warriors in ancient times gathered around a fire and tell stories. Damn. That will be awesome.

Well… honestly, I didn’t want to think so much about the future, although i have already make plans for the next three years, I guess I have to trust that the future will work itself out.