Support Me

If you wanna support me for my trip, like buying me a cup of coffee, a lunch or a bed in the hostel, please let me know k!

In exchange for your generosity, I will send you a nice postcard or a few postcards of the countries I went, along with my personal experience and thoughts for that day which I don’t usually share. Also if I happened to capture a nice photo, I will send you the high-res photo in softcopy too!

This is a price guide.
You may support me on the road with the following
Coffee & Sandwich $5.00 USD
A decent lunch or dinner $10.00 USD
A bed for a night in the hostel $20.00 USD

Drop me a Facebook message or email via and I will send you my account number. You may transfer me through iBanking or Paypal. Thank you so much!