Arrived in London

I have arrived safely in London Heathrow Airport! It was a long flight from Singapore to Mumbai then to London. I didn’t sleep well on the plane and I have been thinking a lot about this trip because i’m not sure of what’s going to happen ahead as I have never set foot in Europe before.

Everything I need for my tour


So the the plan was to meet up with my friend, Emily and her friend, Michelle at Ibis hotel near Heathrow airport and I will follow her itinerary for a day because she’s leaving for Rome tomorrow and we can’t checked-in into our rooms until noon time.

This is my hotel room. It is so luxurious I feel guilty sleeping here.

That morning, we spent the whole day exploring tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and London Eye. We traveled mostly on foot than using public transport.

Outside Beckingham Palace

We also visited the famous Burgers & Lobsters restaurant

It is so good!


Enjoy while I still can


After a long day, we checked-in our hotel at around 8pm and my room was pretty good. I felt guilty for staying here because it’s so luxurious. It was such a shame that I unable to enjoy fully because there’s two carton boxes waiting for me to unbox them. It took me two hours to unbox and assembled the bike, the room was in a huge mess. Luckily everything inside the boxes were still intact. Tomorrow, I will set off at late morning and I will be doing a 30km ride into the city, my host will be waiting for me at Elephant and Castle =)


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